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As per PGLL policy: Regulation 4: Player Movement: 5. Player Movement Fee: To process any type of transfer or transaction amongst players or release within the PGLL 40-man roster, A form must be filled out and sent to the PGLL commissioner and approved before that transfer/trade of a player or players is eligible to play. For each player that is listed on the form there is also a $20 fee. Whoever receives the player is the team that pays the fee. Once the information is processed into the office it will also be posted as well on the PGLL website.

Steps to take:

1. Negotiate your transfer/transaction

2. Fill out PGLL form ( at the bottom of this web page)

3. Get MA's Presidents to sign off 

4. PGLL Commissioner list on PGLL website

5. Receiving team MUST provide payment to PGLL (15 days after posted on PGLL website)

* If a player is listed as a Affiliate Player (under age or lower tier) There is a maximum of 5 individuals who are fluctuating amongst rosters do not need to pay a transfer fee but they still need to provide communication to the PGLL about movement between active 25 man roster.


2024 PGLL Season

March 1, 2024: Lemke & Fransworth release from Weyburn to Moose Jaw

                          Isnana release from Regina to Moose Jaw


2023 PGLL Season

June 11, 2023: Matt Dalton released from Regina Heat added to Standing Buffalo 

May 24,2023: Regina Heat releases Kevin Orther and Zach Krupski add Matt Dalton and Cam Zaminsky Heat

May 18, 2023:  Swift Current Wolverines release C.Michaluk on a temporary bases to play SWAT A and released back no fee added

May 17, 2023: Predators activate Ikert and move Liam Netmaker.

May 13, 2023:  Regina Heat Alex Kratz active Taylor Roach inactive

Saskatoon SWAT added AP 

May 3, 2023: Saskatoon SWAT releases Tave Schumacher to P.A Outlaws 1 year release

April 29, 2023: P.A Predators Nick Mckee active 25 and Devin Ikert inactive.

April 25, 2023: Swift Current Wolverines releases Ryder Turko to Lethbridge T1 Cudas relocation school/work. Condition if he moves back rights will be Wolverines.

April 19, 2023: Steelers release Tony Oak & Taylor Roach to Regina Heat. 

March 27, 2023: Estevan releases Jessica Benning, Kelsey Magnien, Carter Williams, Ryder & Tye Farnsworth, Codie & Corby Lemke to Moose Jaw. No fee required on original active 25 roster.

March 28, 2023: DLA receives  Keenan Cummins, Kobey Dmitrym, Brandon Whitehorse, Holden Isanan, Arden Ballanantyne from release from Regina. 1 year release

Teddy Yuzzicappi signed with DLA as per SLA/PGLL policy



2022 PGLL Season

June 4, 2022: Heat release Chris Sterling and Nick Martin add Matt Dalton and Cameron Zomansky 

June 4, 2022: Steelers add Aaron Trenton and Blake Ironside 

June 4, 2022: Sr.Swat release Matt Dalton, Aaron Trenton and Blake Ironside

May 21, 2022: Swat add Pavel Srch and Josef Slavik 

May 19, 2022: Swat add Ben Reidy 

May 18, 2022: Swat add Marshal Clothier

May 18, 2022: Wolverines release Marshal Clothier

May 15,2022: Wolverines release Stowe Francis to Swat ONLY for 2022 season

May 13, 2022: Brewers acquire Nate Yaskowich from SWAT for 2023 2nd round pick 

May 10, 2022: Brewers signed Ty Mcgillvary and Austin Thorarinson 

May 10, 2022: DLA releases A.Tawiyaka and B. Yuzicapi-Brown to RMLL Kings

DLA releases S.Lawisse to Barracudas 

March 31, 2022: QCMBL releases Phoenix Bird-Vilbrunt to DLA 

March 9,2022: Moose Jaw Chiefs release Taylor Roach to Saskatoon Steelers

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